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What is a CSA?

CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

CSA is a program in which individuals buy into a local farm by purchasing a share in the farm. In exchange for investing in the farm, they receive a bountiful selection of fresh vegetables and fruit every week throughout the season. Shares are purchased before the start of the growing season. This allows farmers to focus on growing and delivering the highest-quality, best-tasting fruits and vegetables for shareholders in the summer.

A little sprout growing in rich soil with the words "Grow With Us" on it

Community Supported Agriculture is a great opportunity to eat seasonally and try different foods. You will receive the best of what a Montana harvest has to offer, and experience the fun of letting the season form your menu.

CSAs Build Stronger Local Relationships

Derek Campbell, one of the owners of Moon River Ranch, a local farm in Clinton MontanaOne of the most important aspects of a CSA program is that it establishes a relationship between your local farm and the communities its located in and near.

In Japan, the name for CSA is “teikei”, meaning, in a sense, to put the farmer’s face on the food. We believe food tastes better when you know the people who grew it.  We put great pride into growing delicious and healthy food to feed our community.


Check out the wikipedia entry on CSAs for a good overview of the general practices and philosophy of a CSA farm, and what it means to be a part of one. 

How Does Moon River Ranch CSA Work?

We offer 2 sizes of CSA Shares that you can buy as well as an occasional offering of a  "Try It" Share so you can try out our community supported agriculture program with no risk. ("TRY IT Share"   depends on farm production, and may or may not be available)

Depending on the size of the share that you buy, you will receive farm fresh vegetables each week from our naturally grown produce. We deliver your veggie boxes to a location near you for pick up. 

A photo of the actual pickup location of this local farm in Clinton Montana