Signing up for a CSA membership with a local farm is a big commitment. We understand this and appreciate your apprehension and desire to know more. Allow us to introduce ourselves, our farm and why you should join our "farm"ily!

The Moon River Ranch Family: Meet Your Farmers

Lisa - The Green Thumb

Photo of Lisa Campbell, the farmer at Moon River Ranch in Clinton, MT


Lisa and her husband Roger own the land where Moon River Ranch is located. Lisa is the green thumb of the operation and has been gardening, growing and harvesting naturally grown, farm fresh vegetables most of her life. 

Lisa wears a lot of hats when it comes to garden-tasks, but some of them include pruning our precious greenhouse vegetables, seeding, transplanting, and unfortunately, weeding.

Derek - The Muscle

Photo of Derek Campbell eating a super large tomato grown in the garden at Moon River Ranch in Clinton, Montana

Derek is Lisa's son and does most of the heavy lifting and manual labor that it takes to keep our family farm running. Derek spends a great deal of time constructing garden buildings, using the walking tractor, and general heavy lifting. He keeps us up to date by researching the latest and greatest in garden equipment and horticulture strategies. 

Derek also runs our farm stands! Be sure to stop by at one of our weekly CSA locations to meet Derek, say hello and ask him any question you may have regarding our farm, our fruits and vegetables or our CSA Shares. 


Kelly - Farm Marketer 

A photo of Kelly Campbell sitting. at the farmers market for Moon River Ranch


Kelly is Derek's wife.  Her time in the garden is occasionally cut short by caring for their almost 9 month daughter.  She works with Lisa developing social media content, crop planning and overall garden, greenhouse, and nursery maintenance.  You may also see her and Baby Bev at the farm stands when the weather permits!


Baby Bev - Ranch Foreman

A photo of the littlest farmily member at Moon River Ranch, Baby Beverly

Bev spends most of her time in the garden looking cute, and vying for attention in more ways than one. Baby Bev in the next generation of Moon River Ranch. We love to see her delight in the wonders of the farm and hope she will continue our Legacy of providing naturally grown farm fresh veggies, fruit and other wholesome farm products to YOU, our neighbors, friends and family.