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We hope this can help some of the seniors in Granite County!

We are very excited to be able to accept Senior Farmer Market Nutrition Program coupons at our stands each week.  This was a program that a customer made us aware of, and we finally were able to get set up for the 2022 season.  However we realized that there was no way for seniors in Granite County to get these coupons, short of driving to Missoula!

In a discussion with Tim from the Flint Creek Courier, we decided that it would be fantastic to offer the program in our county, so with the help of James at CFAC (Community Food & Agriculture Coalition) in Missoula, we have two dates set up for seniors to come and sign up for $50 worth of coupons to use at our stand!

Check out the flyer for more details, or you can go to CFACs website to learn more.  Thank you Tim and James for all your hard work on this!!!

Signup for Senior Farmer Market Nutrition Program!